To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the opening of the College's Vermont campus, we were asked to design a timeline of milestones for the College and the Vermont campus. Because the walls on which the exhibit resides are angled, the design is broken into sections, so that text doesn't cross over the seams. The first section on the far left, labeled with "Albany College of Pharmacy" (what the school was called up until 2008), contains a brief history of the college and is visually segmented from the other wall panels. The remainder of the college's current name—"and Health Sciences" (added in 2008) is carried over onto the second section, where its underline is connected to that date by a vertical rule. This panel is where the Vermont campus milestones begin. The background of these three walls is tied together by a view of the mountains visible from the campus windows. Circular images and elements are used to emphasize the dates and highlight some events of the past decade. The rules that string the dates together and the varying height of the text were designed to mimic the mountainous landscape. The typography, photography and branding all follow the parameters of the College's current style guidelines.


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