In celebration of the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, two Union College professors researched the College's connections to the Civil War. Union's students, alumni and faculty filled a wide range of military and political positions at all ranks in the Union and the Confederacy, and their stories are the foundation of this exhibit.

The exhibit consisted of twelve 4’ x 8’ panels which were grouped in four free-standing triptychs. The design concept utilized typographic treatments from the headline and sidebars of a feature story I had designed for the College’s alumni magazine. Since the panels were positioned directly on the floor, the bottom three feet of each panel was filled with a large graphic, keeping text high enough for viewers to easily read. Each section of the exhibit was “bookended” with blue bars to delineate the different segments on content. Type and images were positioned on top of an antique paper base layer which gave a worn and vintage look. We also created a poster promoting the exhibit and postcard invitation to the opening reception, both of which were designed to look like the 19th century broadsides, reminiscent of the Civil War era.

  • Awards

    The poster for this exhibit was recognized with an American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design:USA magazine.


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