The Executive Summary of Union College's Strategic Plan 2020-2025 is a presentation of the vision, mission and goals for the future of the college and its students. The visuals of this report revolve around seven concepts and characteristics integral to the Union College experience. Bold type positioned over large photographs throughout the publication highlight those seven concepts. The objectives and activities associated with the plan's two overarching goals are laid out in easy to read charts that span two spreads. The closing page contains lines of word pairs arranged in two columns encased in overlapping "U"s. These word pairs emphasize the intersections between the ideas, approaches, individuals, and groups often at odds with one another that are successfully united to propel the school and its students toward the future. That visual unification was a fitting closing for a Strategic Plan for a college called "Union".

In addition to the booklet, every member of the Union community received a pocket-sized synopsis of the plan. The accordian fold allowed the vision and mission to be presented on one side, while the goals were highlighted on the second side. 

  • Awards

    This publication was recognized with an American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design: USA magazine.


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